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    Digital Signature password memory


      I am using Acrobat X Standard.

      I used to be able to open multiple documents to sign, put in the password for the first document signature and then it would not ask me for the password for each document signature as long as I had ACROBAT open.


      Now it asks for the password for each document and it is time consuming when signing many documents.


      Any idea how to get it back to where you only had to put in the password once?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The way it's working now is the correct way. What you're describing sounds like a bug, and it's good it's not doing it anymore, as it's a serious security flaw.

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            margueritek Level 2

            This is a Security Settings option:

            Passwords and password time-outs can only be set for PKCS#12 IDs. Since a file can contain multiple IDs, passwords and time-outs are configured at the file level rather than for individual IDs.

            Note:If the is read only, then the Change Password and Password Timeout options are disabled.

            To change the password timeout:

            1. Choose Advanced (Acrobat) or Document (Reader) > Security Settings.

            2. Highlight Digital ID Files in the left-hand tree (Figure 13).

            3. Select a file in the right-hand panel (Figure 13).

            4. Choose Password Timeout.

            Tip: The password timeout feature interacts with the Login/Logout feature as described in

            “Logging in to PKCS#12 Files”

            5. Configure the Password Timeout Policy dialog by specifying when a password prompt should


            Always: A password is always required each time the digital ID is used regardless of whether or not you are logged in to a file.

            After: Choose a value from the drop-down list to set a time frame.

            Once per session: A password is asked for only once while the application is open.

            Never: The password is not usually required when using this ID and you are logged into the file.

            6. Enter the password.

            7. Choose OK.