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    Is my standalone photoshop Cs6 extended product real?


      I had bought a product from topsoftwareshop.com back in 2017. I recently went back to the website to check out my product purchase, cause now that I think about it, I had paid $30.00 USD for the Photoshop Cs6 Extended product (is that even realistic for the price?). The website isn't there anymore, so I Googled searched whether or not my product was real or fake. I came upon this thread, but no one had a real answer to it:

      "Hello all.

      My mother recently bought CS6 from a website called topsoftwareshop(.)com

      I have never heard of this site before so it immediatelly sounded alarm bells when she said it was only $30. To make things more interesting is they used SendOwl for the transaction and sent a 1200kb (EDIT: this may not be the right size. I realize now that I may have looked at the wronge file when checking this ouT.) file via email labeled "Photoshop_13_LS16.exe"

      The url to this file is "trials2.adobe.com/adobeproducts...." They ararntly sent a full serial key also.

      If someone could help me understand this that would be fantastic.

      I know the price is in scam territory, and with the two different merchants (neither of which being adobe) and the file directing to a trial file (which shouldnt be of interest since you can activate to full in program probably).

      Does anyone have any experience with this particular form of sale with PS?"


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      Cancel her card and watch out for viruses.






      - Essentially, everything about this Forum/Thread is what I'm going through. I had checked my downloaded file: Photoshop_13_LS16 is a 1.17 MB file. What I want to know is, Is my product legitimate? Am I at risk for viruses and malware attacks? What should I do in order to help clean up this mess if I'm in trouble with this purchase and download?


      - Thank you!