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    Why use Lightroom CC instead of Classic Lightroom?

    hjbergman Level 1

      The new Lightroom CC is so inferior to Classic Lightroom in terms of user friendly features (for example, custom cropping aspects, Smugmug plug-ins), I'm not sure why I would bother to use it.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          First, don't use it if it does not appeal to you.  Use Lightroom Classic.  Although renamed, it is not going away.  It continues to be developed with new tools and features. 


          However, if you look at the mobile cloud Lightroom CC as an extension of files on a computer Classic there are new options.  For example, yesterday I learned how I can make a quick collection of a few photos in Classic, and through the mobile cloud Lightroom CC share a URL with a friend or client (if I had any!)  They can review and comment on the spot!


          I can also shoot a quick snap shot with my phone with mobile cloud Lightroom CC  and it will quickly be in Lightroom Classic on my file based desktop.


          Another example is that I can shoot with my "real" camera, use the camera makers app to copy to my tablet, make adjustments on the spot in mobile cloud Lightroom CC and find the result in Classic back at my file based desk computer. 


          For some photographer their is a need to have the ability to adjust or "develop" their work everywhere on anything.  That can be more important that all the tools in Classic.  For them (mobile) Lightroom CC might be a good choice and they will have little use for Classic.


          For me, it is gradually becoming both.  Not one or the other.



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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It really depends on your needs and how you use Lightroom. I can't tell you which Lightroom is best because I don't know how you work as a photographer and what you expect. If you have the photography plan you can install both and experiment with Lightroom CC if you choose to do so. That's what I'm doing. My program of choice is Lightroom Classic CC. I have more than 20,000 images in my main catalog. I have "imported" or whatever you call it 100 images directly into Lightroom CC, and those images have been added to my Lightroom Classic CC catalog. I'm experimenting with Lightroom CC a little, but I haven't migrated my catalog and I don't intend to. I don't think it's right for me because I don't use any mobile devices. Lightroom CC seems to be for users who are on the go and want their images accessible any time, anywhere, on any device. Lightroom CC will grow and mature and will have many more features in the future, I assume. I watch it change, and I play with it, but I don't intend to commit to it. On the other hand, I don't assume to tell others what they should do. This is a decision that I think each individual must make for themselves.

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              hjbergman Level 1

              Bill and JimHess, thanks for your responses!  Now I understand why the new Lightroom is attractive for many photographers, and why I should stay with Lightroom Classic.


              Thanks again.