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    Lightroom 7.2 slows to a crawl 5 minutes after start

    davep3521167 Level 1

      Running Lightroom Classic CC version 7.2 [1156743]. System is a Windows 7 I5 quad core with 16GB RAM, current on all patches. My catalog is on a fast disk with 900GB free space, the images are on a network disk with 116GB free space. I currently have about 137,000 images cataloged in about 650 directories.  Since updating to this release the program slows to a crawl starting exactly 5 minutes after bringing it up. It is very slow in all activities: bringing up full-size images, displaying the image info, displaying previews, etc. Using a network monitor I have determined that at the 5 minute mark it starts reading all of my images. Since I have my directories all synchronized and ordered by date, there is absolutely no reason to read the images - they are static. This is causing the program to be nearly unusable - please help!!