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    Help with saving and changing files in bulk

    curtish36410780 Level 1

      Hey, I’m looking for some help or advice on a bit of a dilemma im having, about a month ago I started a new job working for a company that sells tshirts, mugs and other products on amazon and other websites. My job is to create designs and then apply them to product images like tshirts of different colours, mugs, hoodies etc and save them as jpegs ready to be uploaded, I also have to every design in different layouts as tiffs for the print files.


      Here’s my problem, for every design I create, I spend between half an Hour to an hour putting creating product images from them, I’ve managed to save a lot of time by using actions to resize and save each product colour variation as a jpeg but I still have to go back and rename them all. Ie ”design name_T-Shirt_Black” and I was wondering if there was any way to make this easier or simpler, is there any way I can set something up to save the first part of the file name as the tiff that’s being used as the design and then photoshop saves the end of the file name as the colour variant?


      any suggestions or help is appreciated or if anyone knows how I can save files on mass pretty much fully automated that would be great, thanks!