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    problem attaching external .jpgs to movie clips

      Hi There,

      I am not able to attach a file (.jpg) outside of flash to a movieClip without it changing the scale of the image. Stepping through with the debugger, its clear the image loads correctly til it is applied to the movie clip, I assume with the attachBitmap function. It scales it up a little more than 50% and I can't figure out where that scale is coming from. It appears to scale up from the upper left corner. We have checked to make sure all the movieclips within our flash file are the exact same size as the image files (150 X 150). Please see code example. Everything is fine except for this. We tried using the matrix transformation to down size the images but the quality was not acceptable even with using smoothing and pixel snapping.

      So, the basic question being, how do we use attachBitmap and have it preserve the original size? Any ideas for how to get this to work is greatly appreciated...