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    Images got licensed automatically without my consent?


      I am a long long time user of Adobe, and recently got a membership to Stock. I have loved it however...

      after spending hours and hours on a project, saving previews to a library and going over them with my husband...i had two images left available and was going to license two extra images as well. when I went to license them... it was going to charge me and said I have no images left!!!!! I went to my images and apparently I 'licensed' two images that I never wanted. They were indeed images that had been in my search results, but i dont even remember clicking on them much less licensing them. I have no idea how it happened but I have noticed some odd behavior from Adobe stock site. No other site does this... sometimes when i am browsing the browser freaks out and changes pages really suddenly...it will maximize a random thumbnail and then suddenly load a previous page of search results. Its so frustrating when it does this and it drives me nuts. its also embarassing when im trying to go over it with someone I am working with to show them some options. Maybe this is how the random images got licensed - an accident due to the browser going nuts? Has anyone else has this problem, I feel like i cant possibly be the only one!

      Im really trying not to be upset about this but this feels like the final straw... I love Adobe to pieces and want to keep using it but not if this is going to happen. even if i wanted to keep using it, my husband who i am doing this project for, now does not trust Adobe at all and wants to use another stock image site.

      Please help!

      Thanks so much <3