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    How to replace audio in all 8 Multi-Cam Processed Clips?


      Hi!! Newbie here so I thank you for your patience in advance! 

      I have created a Multi-Camera Source Sequence, synchronizing 8 clips using the Audio Synchronize Point.

      They are now in the Processed Clips bin.

      Each Clips has audio recorded from the camera; the audio is a song that the singer in the video is lip-syncing to, so all clips have the same song recorded via camera.


      NOW: I want to REPLACE the camera's recorded sound, on each clip, with the high-quality version of that song (in the project folder as a .aiff 48000 music file).


      How do I REPLACE the camera sound on each clip with the new .aiff sound file?


      Then, I will be able to do my multi-cam edit, with each clip having the high quality sound merged to it and all synced.


      I hope I've explained this properly.


      Thanks very much for your help!

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional



          no need to replace the sound inside your clips. Just create a sequence with your multicamera source sequence as video track 1 / audio track 1, and use your aiff as a second audio track. Just sync the aiff track with the multicam audio track, and then edit accordingly.


          You will just have to mute the multicamera source sequence audio (on track 1) to only have your hi-resolution audio to export.


          Hope this helps,



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            elainel52649936 Level 1

            Thank you, Yenahpe!! One more question, then:


            I have two additional videos, each with audio recorded via the camera mic.

            There is also high res audio recorded separately for each video, recorded at the same time in the recording studio – so basically we recorded video camera audio and high-res audio at the same time.

            These two videos are interview videos of the musician.


            I would like to include these two interview videos into my multi track sequence discussed in my first question #1 above.


            NEW QUESTION:


            1. Should I bring in these two interview videos, with the CAMERA recorded audio, into my multicamera sequence that I created above?  with the two .aiff high res audio placed into the bin separately and added at export time?  OR
            2. Should I REPLACE the audio on these two interview videos with the high res audio FIRST, and then bring it into my multi-camera sequence already created?


            the goal is to intersperse the interview video clips within the music video - it is an interview of a musician with music clips interspersed.


            thanks very much for your help on this!

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Cut the music video and interview separately.  Edit them together after that.

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