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    Make entire character draggable?

    joshuag86337383 Level 1


      Very new to all of this. I want to make my entire character dragable, or at least just his head. I am able to make the character move around on the screen using the X and Y coordinates, but I'd like to be able to drag him around while recording. When I add a the tool to drag the puppet, there's a fixed point at the center of the forehead that won't move and just warps the puppet. Is there a way to make the whole puppet dragable?

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Have you looked at the rigging to work out if there is a pin or similar at that point? The “mesh” icon can also help sometimes track down such problems. (There is an button on the bottom of the rigging and scene window/panels that cause a yellow mesh to be displayed.)


          In your case it sounds like you know the exact position. I would check first for a pin at that location, otherwise some handle. If you cannot identify it, sometimes it might not be in the layer you expected - in which case I sometimes duplicate a puppet (Edit/Duplicate) then start deleting parts of the puppet in the rigging window (not the actual artwork file!!). Sometimes its a stray handle due to an unintentional mouse click.


          Otherwise sharing the puppet is usually the quickest way to identify a problem. I don’t mind having a look one evening - I usually learn something in the process! But the above is what I generally do to try and track it down.


          Oh, and sometimes I think I found something like putting a tag or name on an origin made it behave a bit different to creating a separate handle with a name on it. (But I don’t recall exactly.) My most successful strategy is the “keep deleting things until it starts working” to work out the root problem. Not very technical, but it works!

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            joshuag86337383 Level 1

            I will try that what you have suggested and if it doesn't work I'll share what I have. Thank you very much for answering.

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              If your puppet has a topmost independent group (i.e., that all the other groups and layers is contained in), you should be able to apply the Draggable tag to that topmost independent group and it should cause the entire puppet's artwork to be draggable. You might want to adjust the Dragger behavior's settings so that After Move is Hold in Place, too.


              Hope that helps. If not, sharing a link to a puppet (export the puppet as a .puppet file) will help us diagnose the issue.