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    Slow customer support from adobe

    gremic77 Level 1

      Hi everyone, Can you answer the question" How do i get ADOBE support to answer a question i have with regard to a double withdrawal ADOBE made on my account." I have tried patiently waiting in the support chat room online and have had numerous, please be patient as all our customer support people are busy. That went on for an hour before i decided to start a chat and see if anyone else has recieved sub standard customer support from ADOBE? Please feel free to add your stories..

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi Michael,


          I will escalate this to the concerned team & update you as soon as they respond. It might take some time, please excuse the delay.




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            gremic77 Level 1

            Hello Rajashree,


            I spoke with Miss Chenni khan ( sorry if thats not the correct spelling ) from ADOBE support yesterday afternoon. I had to ring through on the 1800 number, but after getting through, Miss Khan was very friendly and very prompt in attending to my concerns.


            The first one being ADOBE having made a double debt on my account for the same purchase. Miss Khan has seen to the refund being processed, although this may take up to 7 days unfortunately (not through yet at time of writing this).


            The second concern was the waiting around online to speak with somebody. "Technical issues" was the reason given for not receiving any reply to my initiated chat.


            These things happen, in the end, i'm happy with the resolution that seems to have occurred.


            I thank you as well for replying to the post I have made here in the lounge.