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    Debugging on device via Adobe builder is not working

    ichly Level 1



      i have 2 devices , Samsung Tab and Samsung Galaxy S5.

      on both is the debugging enabled and driver are installed.

      On samsung tab debugging  is working on galaxy S5 not.

      Any sugestions please?




      On Tab was the Air not installed but it will be installed automaticly from Builder. (Android 4.1.2)

      On Galaxy S5 Air was first not installed and after i try manualy installed, but was still offline.so i deinstalled it again. (Android 6.0.1)

      I try to started again the Windows7 System the Builder 4.6 and the mobile devices, changing cable. Still the same bug.

      But in Windows is the Galaxy S5 online i can work with the device only by the Builder is it offline.

      Ive reading all install descriptions and cant fix it.


      What is the clue?