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    Edit an exported mp4 file




      I have created a small video on Premier and had to export it as an MP4. I am not having an easy time finding it anywhere on Premier or through any CC files (and not to mention on my hardrive or computer). I need to fix and change a few things in this already exported video. How can I either locate that final saved project (before it was changed to an MP4), or use this file that I do have to import and edit each video and audio clip? Currently, I have been able to import the MP4 but of course everything is posted as one large block, and I'm not able to slice and work on specific moments. Please help!

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          Grigor Poghosyan Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have saved the project before exporting the file ?
          If you had, then on your premiere start screen, when you just ran the program, it shows projects which have been created in the app, choose the one in which you didn't export the file yet.

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            If you remember the name of the project, and or the exported file, you can do a search in your OS to locate the file.


            If you don't remember the exact name, you can search for *.mp4, it will return all mp4 files in your system, or *.prproj, it will return all Premiere Pro project on your computer.


            When you import a video file in Premiere, it will always be as a single footage, and not as a sequence where you can find all your edits in it. For that you will need to find the original Premiere Pro project from which you exported the video.

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              GermanTV Level 3

              If you have saved the project and it doesn't show up on the start screen of Premiere the easiest way to find it is to start a new project than go to File > Last Projects (or something like that - I don't know the exact term cause I come from another language) and see what is in there. If it isn't there you probably haven't saved it. If it is there and you can reopen it the first thing you should do is to decide a place where you store your projects and then go and save your current project there via File > Save as.


              I also suggest to watch some more Premiere basic tutorials to prevent yourself from further frustrations

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