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    Acrobat X Pro doesn't start anymore

    dg9ngf Level 1

      I've installed the CS6 suite on my computer and everything worked as fine as Adobe software can work. This is Windows 10.1709, a fresh installation from a few months ago. Acrobat still worked a couple days ago. No errors or problems. Today, it just doesn't start anymore. I first tried with "open with" on a .pdf file, then tried starting it directly from the start menu. Nothing happens. There's no entry in the Windows event log for applications so it probably didn't crash.


      The last thing I did was installing March 2018 Windows updates, then restarted Windows yesterday evening.


      Is my Adobe software now unusable? Ps and Ai still run.


      If so, can you recommend other software to edit PDF files or shrink scanned PDFs for e-mail delivery? I'm not the biggest fan of Adobe anyway, for all the trouble it causes, and I'm slowly phasing out all their stuff. I'd be happy to hear if any other PDF editor (paid or free) can replace it. It doesn't need to replace Acrobat Reader though which still works.


      Acrobat Reader can't edit PDF files. When I try and look at the tools page, all I see is unmarked advertisements for other Adobe stuff that I need to pay monthly. I'm not going to do that.