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    Robohelp 7 - javascript errors

      Hi all,

      I created a help file in X5 and recently converted it to RH7. When I generated it in RH7 none of my drop down texts work anymore. I receive a Javascript (javascript Text Popup)error. My help file is attached to a website and I only update topics when necessary. I noticed in my old version I had kadov tags and all of the older topics are working fine. What javascript file name should be updated for the drop down texts to work?

      Also, my generated table of contents does not reflect any new topics that I created in RH7. Is there a javascript file that needs to be updated for my new topics to show?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          As far as your TOC is concerned, have you added the new topics to it? If you don't manually add them or use the auto generate TOC option, they won't get added to the output.

          As far as the dropdowns are concerned, can you confirm you are generating Webhelp - sounds like you are? If so, is it your generated or published output that has the problem?
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            MergeThis Level 4
            You say: "My help file is attached to a website and I only update topics when necessary."

            It's not enough to simply update topics; you must update all the RH-generated files (.htm, .js, .apj, etc.) that get added/updated when you generate the output. Of special note are the myriad files in the wh* folders, which contain portions of the TOC, Index, and Search info.

            Best practice is to:

            1. Generate the output to your local machine.
            2. Publish that output to a server location(s).

            So as to ensure that all files get properly updated, use that RH Publish function, which only replaces added and updated files (unless you select the "Republish All" option).

            Good luck,