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    VR 4K Project - Issues with playback on Premiere Pro iMac Pro 2017

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      We’re a production house based in India. We’re working on a 360 VR stereoscopic project.

      We have the latest iMac Pro 2017 with 18 cores, 2.3 GHz intel Xeon W, 128 GB Ram, Graphic Card - Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB.


      Our project’s duration is 20 minutes. We’re working on 3840x3840 footage (Top/bottom), ProRes 4:2:2, at 60 fps.

      We're reading the media from a 70 TB, NAS QNAP drive, using a thunderbolt 3.


      We are finding it hard to playback the media in realtime on the sequence. The video stutters and gets stuck at different points. Is there a configuration or transcode setting you could recommend, or any other alternative for us to have the sequence playback smooth?


      Also, Premiere-pro crashed a couple of times while importing new media.