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    Photoshop crashing when copy pasting text on dual monitors


      Hey. I've looked around on this forum and other places to see if I can get a fix for this. But not found a fix that works.


      On P'shop cc 2018, I have Photoshop App on my iMac screen with a file (A) open, with another Photoshop file (B) on the other screen. When I select and copy text from file B, it sometimes just crashes Photoshop.


      It doesn't say that it has crashed in finder, and doesn't show the 'Application Not Responding' notice in the dock icon. I can still play with the type, but clicking the commit (tick) or cancel buttons doesn't work. It also won't let me save any of the files with the only thing left for me to do is force quit the app - losing any changes I've made to the file.


      Has anyone else come across this bug/issue?