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    Graphics card for a Photoshopper, not a Gamer

    Yammer Level 4

      I am sick to the back teeth with AMD.


      In the last 12 months, their buggy driver software has seriously impacted my working in either Photoshop or Office on a Windows 10 PC. The Office bug was fixed fairly quickly, but the Photoshop bugs take much longer. I had to help them fix the first bug by doing most of their diagnostics for them. They seem to think the latest bug is nothing to do with them. They don't have any respect for customers who don't play games on their computers.


      Rant over. I've decided it's time to ditch AMD. The obvious alternative is nVidia, but I wonder is this jumping from the frying pan into the fire?


      Does anyone have an opinion on Photoshop-friendly hardware, or any knowledge of graphics cards manufacturers who work with Adobe? I don't need to play Deadly Combat 4 or Space Bananas 3, I just want a reliable fast-ish graphics card which supports OpenGL in Photoshop, made by a company which actually fixes its software when its broken.