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    Weird lines that end in triangle shape (pressure sensitivity)



      Hey, I bought an asus 2 in 1 and am using the wacom bamboo ink pen to directly draw on the screen with Photoshop. A thing i've noticed though is that the lines end in these weird overly sharp ends (pressure sensitivity is on, obvs). Is this a driver issue? I can't seem to find any other drivers for my laptop. I've heard something about wintab drivers, but i don't want to install them if they'll ruin anything. Is there anyone who knows what I can do?



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          My friend has an HP Envy x360 2-in-1 that's having the same issue with Photoshop CS6. She installed wintab drivers to try and fix it, but that hasn't had any success either. I believe the wintab drivers are purely to get pressure sensitivity when it's not already there. Consequently, she's been having the same issue with Krita as well, so it might some other Windows Ink or bamboo pen setting that's missing.

          The bamboo pen does have a driver on the wacom site that can be installed, but it only installs for certain laptops, and the hp envy isn't one of them, so she can't test if that's a fix for the issue. (It only says that there is no tablet that matches the requirements for install)