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    Adobe Standard DC "Attach to Email" function does nothing when Outlook 2016 is set as default mail client.  Help!

    karolinat41194398 Level 1

      New installation of Adobe Standard DC and Office 2016.  When I use the Attach to Email function, Adobe does nothing.  Outlook 2016 is set as the default mail client in Windows 10 64bit and in Adobe.  If I set up my email (Google Suite) with the imap settings for my Google Apps for Business email, then Adobe will create a draft in my email after a minute or so.  While this works, it is much slower than to use the Attach to Email function. 


      Followed instructions here, but the issue is still present (not using Exchange email, not sure if this will be an issue for this feature or not).

      Attach to email option is not working | Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC


      Adobe and Office have been reinstalled, and updated, and issue still persists.




      Any suggestions?