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    Is the Flash Builder a bad working toy only?

    ichly Level 1



      my Hardware 8 core 3,5 MHz 16GB Ram Windows7 64Bit BS,

      Adobe CS 6 Master Collection

      Flash Builder 4.6

      I try to use the Flash Builder to get some Examples for mobile Apps.


      I have Installed driver for Samsung GT-N8000 try to debug on device, lücky - it was working.

      Now ive try two other phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S5 mini. Installed driver, connect the right options.... nope...

      debug on device not working, device offline... Ive searched for solving this problems... after 6 hours of serching on the net, i found some tipps about install other SDKs that may solve this problem. Ive Installed other SDK compiler (AIR 29.0 SDK). The debug on device still not working... the device are now online but its inpossible to install (reinstall) the Air on the devices (57% and stopping) neither works instal with the builder created apks on the devices . The Samsung GT-N8000 that was working first, ist not working now too. neither with the first old SDK that was working.


      Ive ask me now, how can it be that so expensive Software is so bad working with the most usuable devices? How i should build Software for the devices on market, if the simply hello program cant be programed and started or tested with the Builder?  (the install of the simply Hello programm is not working to) Ive tried SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones, Kies and Smart Switch. I can using the devices on Windows bit no one is working with the Builder and the Android SDKs...

      And Im not the only one with the same problem, the most unsolved problems on the net are the same with misc popular mobile phones.


      I ask other Question, is there someone that is programming with the Flash Builder for mobile devices and have no problems with the the debug on misc devices like Samsung S5 or Toshiba and so on? Why gets so much problems with this simply functions? How can I fix it? Flex have so many good features but if its not working... then its only a small unusuable toy.


      I have invested much time to learn of some tutours like Flex 4 in a week,  VTC - Mobile Game Development with Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3.0 or Mobile Development with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 and dont still get it... or Im to stupid to use this Builder to create the mobile Software.

      Sry for the title but Im realy frustraded about this.


      someone here to realy solve to this problem please?