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    Struggling with Color Range > Skin Tones. Some pixels refuse to be selected


      I am shooting families on a white background. Part of my editing process is to select the whites of the studio (shades of grey usually) and bleach them with a curves layer. But first I want to preserve all the faces by selecting all the skin tones (Colour Range > Skin tones) and coping them into their own layer. This means I can ensure no edits effect the faces. The reason I need to do this is because young children have very fair skin and in some cases my grey selections are picking up some pixels in the faces.


      So here is the problem. CS6 is not selecting the whole face. Here is an example...



      I think that the marching ants are only surrounding pixels greater than 50% selected but the cheeks in this are not preserved. Here is an extreme example of the preserved faces being places on top of a heavily bleached rest of image..



      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James