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    Finding the chalk brushes?

    ethandale Level 1

      So ever since the massive change to the brush panel a little while ago, I really struggle to find all of the brushes that I used to use. I remember using a chalk brush that I liked a lot. I downloaded Kyle's megapack to see if it was in there, but I still cannot find it. Does anyone know where those chalk brushes might be now? Thanks!

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Load the Legacy Brushes and there are Chalk Brushes in the Default Brushes set.




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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            Yeah it’s weird. All of the natural media bristle tip, and erodible tip brushes are missing from the new default set of brushes in CC 2018. You have to load the Legacy Brushes like Jeff Arola shows to get them back. They even removed the erodible brush tip lesson from the Classroom in a Book chapter on painting. I just discovered that this week when prepping to teach my class. I wonder if anyone here has a clue why Adobe decided to remove these brushes from the default instal.

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              baer2 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              With the Adobe acquisition of Kyle Webster's full brush library last year all subscribers have access to download any of these at their discretion (over 1600 brush presets in total). By default we install a small set, but maintained access to the Legacy brushes and given easy accessibility to the Kyle Webster brushes. This provides a more streamlined default experience right out of the box. The old defaults contain dozens of brushes that only differ by size. Most of them were also very seldom used or loaded, so we decided to clean up the default experience a bit. The feedback we've received is that most painters and illustrators prefer the more lifelike KW brushes, but the old brushes are still there if they are part of your workflow.


              NOTE: When loading the Legacy brushes, they are loaded into your brushes panel. Scroll to the bottom of the panel to see them once loaded. If desired, you can always drag them up to the top of your list for quicker access.

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                One thing i find strange about the revamped brush folders is when one selects Restore Default Brushes, it just adds the sets to the already loaded sets, so you might already have some the default sets loaded and now there are double listings.


                I was expecting that Restore Default Brushes would replace the existing sets (folders) of the same name something like in previous photoshop versions when one selected Reset Brushes.

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                  Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                  Thank you baer2. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my comment. The streamlined default experience right out of the box makes a lot of sense. I don't really want or need all of the legacy default brushes myself. What surprised me is that the new default set doesn't include a single bristle brush or erodible tip brush. It seems to me that one brush using each tip could have been included in the default set in a group called "Natural Media". Then the tips would display in the Brush Settings panel making it easy to create custom brushes from those tips. While teaching a brush lesson at school I was momentarily caught off guard when I couldn't find those tips in the brush settings panel. I quickly figured out that importing the legacy brushes would recover the bristle tips, but it was clunky and probably more confusing than it needed to be for my students.