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    Animate a inDesign layout


      What is the best way to animate a design I have made in indesign? After Effects doesn't seem to let me import a indesign-file into after effects.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There's nothing to animate. They are completely different things. At best you could export a PDF from ID, open it in Illustrator, hoping that somehow magically objects will come in separate plus you find ways to separate the rest in AI int osomething usable, then import the AI file into AE. everything else will require to rebuild stuff natively in AE because in the end what you attempt to do is a rubbish workflow to begin with - if you always planned to animate this, you essentially have wasted your time be even involving ID.



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            mikaelo31537811 Level 1

            I often create posters for both print and to show on tv-screens or turn into facebook covers. They include ai-illustrations, vector shapes created directly in indesign, photos and text. Solutions I have tried so far is to save as eps and open in illustrator or just copy everything into illustrator. It works, but with some complications, I just wondered if there is a better/easier solution. Does anyone else have a better solution?

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              How did you end up solving this issue, mikaelo? Please let us know for the benefit of others in the community.



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                mikaelo31537811 Level 1

                I used my old technique that I described above since I didn't get any helping answers.