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    Making items in a List 'jump' into another List in a Flex effect/animation....

      Hello there! I need some help with effects in Flex but I seriosly do not know how to approach this problem. I have two List components both next to each other one on the left side of my canvas one on the right. The left List (itemList1) has been populated with an array of items from the server. The right List (itemList2) is empty. I want to populate the right List with items from the left List. I already have it so that its click and drag and drop that's simple. What I want however is so that when you just click on an item on the left List the item text, in a flex effect (or even Flash animation), 'bounces' from the left List into the right.

      There is an example of this in this YouTube video of the iphone iTunes application when you buy a song the song name bounces from its position on the list into the 'downloads' section -> . The desired effect takes place in the 30-34 second time frames.

      Is this possible at all??? Any tips/help is greatly appreciated. http://youtube.com/watch?v=nKUdjNSGGb4