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    Firefox CS3 very slow (on Vista Home Prem. 64 bit)

      Firefox CS3 is running very slow on Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

      New Gateway AMD Phenom quad-core (2.3 Ghz quad) with 8 GB of Ram.

      The rest of the CS3 suite works fine, but there's a delay every time I do anything in Fireworks.

      I upgraded from 4 GB of Ram to 8, thinking that might make a difference. But the problem remains essentially the same. I've gotten all Adobe updates, but nothing seems to solve it. Originally, I thought it was a matter of having other programs open that was bogging it down. But even when it's the only program open, it runs slow.

      I was wondering if there are some other settings I need to change, or what... The last Macromedia version of Fireworks ran much faster on my XP system with less power and Ram, so this just doesn't make sense...

      Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

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          pixlor Level 4
          64 bit? Umm...hmm.

          First, other people have mentioned problems with FW CS3 on Vista compared to either running on XP or other CS3 apps on Vista, so you aren't alone. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to pin down the conflict. Possibly AV, but (if I remember correctly) the other person who posted about FW CS3 being slow didn't see an improvement when he turned his AV off.

          You might try turning off Aero for Fireworks, that helps with the bitmap tools. If it's some other conflict, then it's going to be a matter of experimenting.

          I'm running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, and I don't notice any trouble with FW CS3 (well, except for the bitmap tools, which I don't use so I haven't bothered turning off Aero). My AV is NOD32, though, and it's one of the smallest, most nimble AVs out there.

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            suggestion were of help but i am not satisfied copletely. i need for information on fixation of the issues. thanks