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    Can't import custom workspace into PS CC 2018

    Marsel van Oosten Level 1

      I just got off the phone with a very friendly guy from the Adobe Help Desk who spent two hours remotely accessing my laptop to get my Photoshop up and running again after it refused to start up after the latest update.


      Everything works again, but I've lost my workspace.


      I have a bootable backup drive, so I searched for the .psw file and found it.


      I then directly copied this file into my Workspaces folder, hoping that after restarting PS I would be able to select it there. But alas.


      Are there any other options for this .psw file?


      My workspace file has a ton of custom settings, so I'd rather not start from scratch trying to re-create it.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.


      O, and I work on a MacBook Pro.