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    Many problems with actions bought from Graphicriver....

    thuryn974 Level 1

      Hello guys,


      I bought a bunch of actions from Graphicriver, and i dont why but i always get errors when playing the actions.

      Like :  "warning, no pixels are selected" , "Cant find make command" "Cant find selection command" etc etc...


      This is getting really annoying as i followed every steps the creator of the action asks : name layer "brush",

      the photo layer to be named "background" etc...every action is a little different.


      Im running Photoshop CC 2018, any solutions for all this mess?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Sound like the action tried to make some kind of selection on the current document on some layer and no pixels were selected. Actions have dependencies they are  not magical. They are just recorded Photoshop steps.  Single step through the action  watch each step execute so you can see why the action failed on the current document. What was it depending on. An active layer the bottom layer a layer kind. What condition was not meet that the action need. Expand the action fully in the action palette read what the steps do. What does the document need to have? The type of error message you will get when some condition requires does not currently  exist is:  Command xxx not available or supported in this Photoshop version.  The problem is not in the Action the problem is the action should not have been used on the current document.


          Without seeing the Document and Action and the current Photoshop state where you are getting the errors there is nothing we can write but what I wrote.   You should always read and action you get ones you do not create. Action can be very destructive and rune all you work by flatting your layers.  You should create you own actions so you know exactly how the work and are created for your workflow.

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