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    Convert FM to XML - resolve missing entity references with Structured App

    mastachef45 Level 1

      When converting an FM Book using the GUI, there is a prompt that asks the user to chose one of the predfined Structured Application options within a dropdown menu. Once selected, the resulting XML contains two sections after the header information. The first section contains a list of entity references followed by the referenced file. The second section contains a huge tag with all the entitiy references, which look lik &bkc<some number>.


      I am using the FDK C/C++ route. The script I have only produces the second section and the complete first section is missing. I searched the forums and saw a couple of refences to the following API call -> FS_StructuredSaveApplication().


      IntT saveDitaIndex = F_ApiGetPropIndex(&saveParams, FS_StructuredSaveApplication);
      StringT testString = F_StrCopyString((ConStringT)" ");
      saveParams.val[saveDitaIndex].propVal.u.sval = testString;


      I am still seeing no change in the output. My question is what value(s) should be or can be set for this to work?