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    Flex3 + ColdFusion8

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1
      I have just installed FlexBuilder3 and want to get it working with ColdFusion8. Unfortunately this is proving difficult both to do and to understand. FWIW, I have three machines, one with FB3, one with CF8 running atop IIS, and one with MySQL.

      Step 1: Register the MySQL datasource with CF8 -- no problem
      Step 2: Connect FB3 to CF8 via Window >> Preferences >> Adobe >> RDS Config -- no problem

      Step 3: Set up new FB3 project via File >> New >> Flex Project >>
      Project Name: Any_will_do
      Project Location: {I think this is irrelevant as it is merely where uncompiled files are stored -- but is best practice to use FB3 machine and keep servers clean? And if so, should it be in say independent C:/Flex/Any_will_do directory?)
      App type: Web
      Server technology:
      App Server type: ColdFusion
      Use remote object access (LiveCycle Data Services) {Question: I think CF Flash Remoting is old technology for flash correct?)

      Now, in Screen 2, out of frustration I eventually decided to install the standalone version of CF8 on the MySQL machine and as can be seen in the attached pic, I can validate configuration via :

      ColdFusion root folder: \\MachineName\ColdFusion8
      Web root: \\MachineName\ColdFusion8\wwwroot
      Root URL: http://MachineName:8500

      However, no matter what I try I cannot configure the IIS&CF8 machine to validate. Moreover, I cannot really even understand the IIS&CF8 directory in that http://MachineName returns the htm page from C:/Inetpub/wwwroot (which also fwiw contains a CFIDE and CFDocs folder) while http://MachineName/timetest.cfm returns the .cfm page from C:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot

      So, in short, I guess what I am asking is what is the meaning (function) of: CF root folder | Web root | Root URL