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    Type Tool not displaying formatting boxes/text cursor


      When I use the Type Tool, it works fine but a while ago it suddenly stopped showing the red border box, the text cursor, the blue/white resizing box, and even highlighting/selecting color.


      I only see the text when I edit, my cursor, and nothing else.


      My cursor does change to the 2 different Type Tool cursors, but everything else is "invisible". I can't see what text I've selected, where my text cursor is currently, or any borders around the text. Again, it's been working perfectly fine but it's just getting annoying that I can't see what text I've highlighted or where I'm about to type.


      When I hold down the mouse to draw out a box, also nothing shows up. I have already rebooted preferences (Shift+Alt). I didn't even think these were features you could turn off, so please help!