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    What am I paying monthly for!?!?!

    BookCoverNinja Level 1

      It appears that Adobe keeps taking $29.99 from my PayPal account every month...but I don't get any credits for it.

      What gives?


      Is there some kind of "cap" on how many credits I can have? And if so, how is that FAIR?


      If that is the case, what the heck am I paying for then...?


      And why does it seem like Adobe is STEALING credits from me...?


      The other day, I log in and I have 188 credits...today I log in and it's 178...huh?


      I haven't used any...so what gives?


      And please tell me WHY Adobe feels it's right to keep charging me EVERY month only for my credits to stay the same?!?!!

      If I pay for the credits...I should be able to use them when I feel like it.


      This doesn't seem fair...and as a loyal Adobe Stock and CC customer...I feel ripped off.


      Adobe is literally taking $30 from me every month in return for NOTHING. Not exactly the way to keep a customer around.


      I want an answer...and either the credits...or a refund. This is crazy...

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Lou,


          I am sorry that you had such a poor experience, I would like to inform that all Stock assets are valid until one year from the date they were added to the customer's Stock account and that is the reason you have been seeing a reduction in your assets.


          To avoid losing images before they expire, I would request you to download the assets that are being added every month to your account. The downloaded assets always remain in your license history.


          You may also reach out to the support team Support FAQ: How can I contact Adobe for support? for assistance.


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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            BookCoverNinja Level 1

            I understand what you are saying...I'm just not sure it's factual.


            Is there a way I can see a breakdown of my credits over the life of my account?


            Like what I had one month...what I used...and what was subtracted.


            It sure feels like Adobe Stock is doing nothing more than stealing $29.99 from me every month...month after month.


            Here's my other question...what happens if I cancel my Paypal payments?


            Does that mean I lose access to my account and my credits?


            I have a hunch it would...which means Adobe is basically holding all the credits I've purchased "hostage".


            Again...not exactly how I like being treated by a company I pay $80/month to.


            I'd like an explanation as to WHY there is a limit on credits and WHY they expire. I've paid my MONEY...for credits...what does it matter WHEN I use them? You still have my MONEY...but I have no credits.


            Again...doesn't feel like I'm being treated FAIRLY as a customer.


            These aren't tangible objects we're talking about...it's not good with an expiration date sitting on a shelf. It's a credit...for a virtual, digital good. Not even that...a credit to LICENSE a digital image.


            Your "solution" is anything but a solution.


            I use the credits based on NEED....there are times where I will go months without needing any...and then NEED alot of them in a short period of time.


            You're suggesting I just randomly license images/graphics "in case" I need them later....????

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Lou,


              I totally understand your frustration and I am able to very well relate the reasoning that you're providing for your account and Stock licenses that you've paid for.


              I would request you to please refer to the FAQ: Stock Licensing & terms FAQ: Where can I find the terms and licensing information for Adobe Stock? where you can find more information on our terms and license use.


              These are product decisions which are already mentioned when you subscribe to the plan.




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                BookCoverNinja Level 1

                The way Adobe does business is ridiculous.


                Now I've mysteriously had over 50 credits DISAPPEAR...


                I guess that's part of the "great" deal I get for paying Adobe $30 every single month...month after month.


                I basically pay them for NOTHING...awesome!


                Let me guess...if I go ahead and CANCEL my payments - I'll also lose any remaining credits I have.


                So....not only do I pay them for credits that I can't keep if I don't use "soon" enough...they also hold me HOSTAGE or else I lose all the credits I have remaining.


                Sorry...but that is ridiculous. I don't care what the terms say...


                I honestly feel bad for some of you that have to answer support questions like this...you have to know these business practices are SHADY...regardless of what the "Terms" say.


                Running a subscription business is one thing...but basically stealing unused credits and holding loyal PAYING customers HOSTAGE is just plain wrong. Regardless of what you're million dollar lawyers write in your TOS...in the fine print.



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                  BookCoverNinja Level 1

                  If you're going to LOCK my other thread as a "Duplicate Discussion"...then I would appreciate an ANSWER to my rather SIMPLE question.


                  Here's the link...


                  If I cancel...do I lose all my unused credits ASAP?


                  Why not just ANSWER the question?


                  I don't see an ANSWER to what I asked...so why point me back here?


                  I'd really appreciate an answer to the SIMPLE, straightforward question I asked...


                  Why give me the run-around? Why lock the thread?


                  Of course...I ask the question a few days ago...and can't get an answer. Meanwhile Adobe goes ahead and CHARGES me for another month. This is unreal...


                  How about a simple answer?


                  If I cancel today...do I lose access to my account and all my credits?


                  Why is that so difficult to ANSWER in an honest straightforward manner?

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                    twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

                    Hi Lou,


                    I apologize for a delay in response here.


                    If you cancel the Stock service after the 14th day after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period. So you would have to download all your remaining assets( I see there are more than 100 assets remaining in your account) within the above- mentioned time frame(end of the month-billing period) or you can also download all of them prior to cancelling. The images once downloaded always remain in your license history and you can use them in future whenever needed. For more information, please see Legal subscription terms | Adobe





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                      nullrouted Level 1

                      I'm finding that the answer is yes. I have 93 unused assets, but apparently my cc expired, and while I've added a new one, it will take "24-48 hours" to add to my account and in the meantime? My account is "suspended due to billing problems" - which means, the assets you have credit for are lost. That's … beyond shady. I consider that theft. They had no problem taking my money, and I should be able to use the asset credits I've already paid for, but as Adobe mentions in the thread above, unless you download something and consume the credit, the credit itself is lost once you cut Adobe out of your wallet. What a slap in the face to customers.

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                        this sounds like a conversation in THX1138 where the fellow picks up the phone to discuss his problems.......he could not get anywhere either......