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    Photoshop error/can't open

    jaebaeli Level 1

      When i tried to open Photoshop CC, i got an error that it could not, because some file HAD BEEN DELETED. Using Cretive Cloud interface, i updated and tried again. Another error. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it via CC and got the error about an end of file. what's going on?


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          jaebaeli Level 1

          UPDATE. after i posted this, i tried to open Photoshop forum and my browser page froze. my whole computer froze. i had to turn off the power and boot again.


          i tried again to open ps, with same error message.


          I tried a suggestion on the only other thread about this i could find--which suggested resetting preferences : RUN/%appdata% and select adobe folder, but i couldn't get that far because that didn't open anything. it asked what program to use to open it. I can't seem to locate this manually either, by opening the adobe folder.

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            jaebaeli Level 1

            UPDATE: i saw a suggestion on the web to hold down CTRL ALT SHIFT keys while opening the program. It asked if i wanted to delete my settings, i said yes, and photoshop loaded. Then i went to windows/my workspace and it loaded up my previous workspace. (At some point i think i selected to save my preferences when i reinstalled, or maybe that wouldn't be the case). Anyway, This worked.

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