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    Someone else with catalogue issues


      For the last month or so I've had repeated corruption of my Lightroom Classic Catalogue. It's got to the point I'm stopping using LR which will lead to cancelling my photography plan. Randomly I get the usual message that the catalogue is corrupt. Attempts to repair it fail and I'm left with a copy from my backup folder (as LR backups appear corrupt also). I've tried a different drive and creating a new catalogue and importing everything with the same result. In fact I['ve worked my way around the forums without sorting this out. As a last resort I tried online chat...I've tried this three times now but had to give up after an hour or when the chat help closes down. Working and being in the UK does not help sort issues out and you can't e-mail. So I'm currently stuck with LR that isn't usable. I keep importing, making changes and losing them to start again after copying a backup. Not great and I'm fairly happy this is an issue with LR, not me or my system.


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