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    3D 'Hole' constraint problem ---HELP---


      Hello everyone!


      I have a problem: in 3d mode on extrusion 'Hole' constraint does not work as it must and do the same function as just 'Active'


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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Can you share some further info :

          1. What version of Photoshop are you using

          2. What Operating system
          3. How exactly did you make the constraint


          It is working here on Photoshop CC 19.1.2 Windows 10.





          Edit - I made the hole constraint above when making the mesh. Adding a hole constraint later via path or selection does not appear to be working correctly. The only way was to Edit Source and add the constraint that way




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            I see exactly the same issue.

            I am very new to Photoshop so I may have misunderstood something, but this thread is one of the few things I found about the subject. The process I was using is as follows:


            • Create the extrusion
            • Click on the 'Boundary Constraint 1' in the 3D panel
            • Make a selection
            • In properties press the 'Add Selection to Surface' button
            • Click on the 'Internal Constraint 2' that was created
            • In the Properties change from Active to Hole
            • Nothing happens


            Windows 10

            Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.5 20180604.r.346 2018/06/04: 1175273  x64


            I noticed that 'Hole' is cut, but not through the front and back inflation material. If Ireduce the opacity of these materials you see a tube where the hole was cut.


            Am I doing something wrong, or is this an issue?




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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              As posted earlier , it is an issue. Make the hole before extruding and you should be OK