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    Faded or washed out colours in LrCC


      Good morning, hoping someone can help me. 


      SInce upgrading to Lr CC exported JPEGs have washed out colours.  They were fine until the latest update, nothing has changed in my workflow or in my Lr settings.  The image below is a screenshot of the CR2 in Lr and the JPEG next to it.  This particular image has no manual adjustment and just the Auto adjust which to be fair I find pretty good and I quite often use it as a starting point.  I used ProPhoto RGB colour space.  I have some that I've done recently that on export are almost completely desaturated.    Am I missing something here?  Doing something wrong?  Misunderstanding something?  If the export bears no relation to the RAW file how can I edit it?  I've used Lr since v3.0 without any issues.