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    How to keep canvas from moving after selection?


      I don't know how to properly term this, so please bear with me!


      I just went from PS CC 2014 to 2018 last week and there is one feature which is driving me crazy: I like to move around the image or canvas I am working on in my working space quite a lot in order to focus on certain areas. Let's say I've moved it over to the left (I have actions, curves, history, etc. open on the right, so usually I am moving my canvas to the left a bit in order to see things clearly during certain procedures), and I then select something on the image. What used to happen was nothing; I would simply continue doing what I needed to do and the image/canvas would stay in place. NOW, when I do this, the canvas suddenly will snap back into default position and I can't stay where I wanted to. It's incredibly annoying! Is it possible to disable this feature?

      Thanks ahead of time!