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    About Preserving grays as well as black


      I ran across a tip the other day which was handy for line art with shades of gray. Then I forgot it, and the site I saw it on. Which is always good right? Anyways in this tip it allowed the removal of white pixels but kept black and grays. Blacks stayed solid while the grays were made a bit transparent. It was a single command done in the channels panel. I never bothered with what Photoshop version that was needed, but tried it on mine. Which is CS5 and worked perfectly. It did not need you to do selections or additional steps as other methods show. Simply was going into channels, hitting a single command, and grays were made transparent and black stayed solid. I kept looking for the longest time online to see if I could discover this tip again to no avail. As others talk about layer properties, masking in some instances, to selection, to various other methods. Not one mentioned this tip. And for myself this tip was perfect. So if anyone knows what it was and can tell me, that would be great. Seems as most tutorials and videos do not know of it. Thanks.