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    How to create lingo Minimize button within an projector?

      This is my issue. I can't use the "built in" title bar options within Director to put the chrome around my stage as my app has to always run full size -- I can't show a title bar or outline frame or any of that stuff associated with the chrome.

      However, I still have to have the minimize and maximize features within my program ... similar to what Microsoft does with a lot of their programs I need to incorporate those buttons within my application itself so that users can simply press a button within the program and it will minimize.

      I don't want to open the program in a MIAW or anything like that. I just want to run the program, allow people to press a button within the app which will minimize the program, and then they can maximize the program again by clicking on the program within the systembar.

      What is the code I need to use to do this? I can't get it to work no matter what I try. Thanks.