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    Newbie - Best Way to Build

      Hi, thanks for looking

      A client has asked for the following:
      - create an Air app that displays products from his website.
      - the app would have to access the website and display both swf and html based content. The external URL needs to be loaded automatically after the app starts.
      - app is required to sit always in front of other windows while it is running.

      I have reviewed the SDK for Air, downloaded and used Aptana software and created some test apps successfully. I reviewed the Dev Guide and found the alwaysInFront window option, but exactly how and where is this activated?

      Are there any examples to download that meet the above criteria? Can anyone offer any advice on how to build this from scratch, including the code required?

      Thanks in advance,
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          John Hall Level 4
          Everyone's probably quiet because to give specific advice, one would have to spend quite a bit of time to address every task you'd need to do. It's all certainly possible in AIR but providing code is tough if one hasn't already done something close to what you want to do.

          Here's one ref re: alwaysOnTop

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            MGrey Level 1
            Thanks for clearing that up John.

            I guess I'm a bit naive on this topic. It seemed simple when I read 'You can program an AIR application entirely with HTML and JavaScript. Most existing HTML applications should run with few changes...' Perhaps I should have read the next bit: '(assuming they use HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript features compatible with WebKit)'

            It would be better if I programmed in the Flash / Flex environment.

            Thanks for the link to always on top - at least one thing has been fixed.

            I'll keep searching for a project that has successfully displayed an external website in an Air app.