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    Replaying same slide

    Stephen Mika
      Can anyone help me? I am using Captivate 3. I would like to replay a slide over and over again until a user clicks the forward button to go to the next slide. On one slide I have a number of images fading in and out - in sequence -in the time line. When the playhead get to the end of the slide I would like the playhead to go back to frame 1 and start the whole timeline again, showing the images in sequence again. Can this be done automatically?

      Any help would be appreciated

      Kind regards

      Steve Mika
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Steve

          You could probably do it as follows:

          Duplicate the slide you are trying to loop.
          On the original copy, remove any and all objects.
          Configure the Slide Duration to be really super short, like .1 seconds.
          Configure the new copy so that when the slide ends, it jumps to the previous slide after play completes. Do this via Slide Properties in the Navigation drop-down.

          The net result should be that the slide appears to loop endlessly. Then you would want a Button or Click box on the looping slide that allows the user to move forward. You would configure the Button or Click box so it didn't pause.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Stephen Mika Level 1
            Rick, thank you for the information. I have tried this and whilst you do get a flicker as the movie goes back one and then forward one slide - it is a workaround. What I will do next is to duplicate some of the non-sequential elements, title, border, text field and so on and see if that just removes the flicker. I wonder why Adobe did not include in the drop down action menu - 'go to current slide' so as to allow repetition of any animation a slide could contain. I wonder if Javascript could be inviked to do the same.

            Kind regards