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    Getting 100% color accuracy on PNG Export




      I'm in a situation where I have to export PNG's with a solid background color of #bbada0.  These are for product images, so there is a layer on top of the BG with the isolated product.  It seems that when I export, the color the product is influencing how the background color is exported...oftentimes exporting with a pinkish hue.  I need it to be on the dot #bbada0 or #bbada1 (either would work). 


      Does anyone have a solution?  I'm not sure why this is happening.


      I've tried both exporting in 8bit and 16bit. It always seems to be a bit off.


      My latest export recipe that someone recommended was: PNG-24, Convert to s-RGB, Preview: Internet Standard RGB


      Let me know if you have any advice here.