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    Large Team issues with Subversion and Flex Builder

      We have a large team of ten developers working on a Flex application split into a series of modules. We are using subversion for version control and we are constantly running into issues.

      Each module is it's own Flex Project in Flex Builder. The main application, a couple library projects, and the module projects were checked into a subversion repository and the appropriate files were ignored as specified by this flex developer resource.

      However with this setup it is very hard to checkout a full version of the project and build. Because the .project, .actionscriptProperties, and .flexProject files are not in the repository you can not checkout a project and build. Instead you need to do a lot of manual project creation and copying of files.

      Does anyone have a better solution for checking in a series of projects into version control and providing a quick method of checkout and compile on a fresh machine?