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    Brush anomaly .

    Sanpanza Level 1

      Why do some brush presents have the ability to change the directly of the bristles and others do not.


      See this link to understand my question more fully.  Brushes_More


      It would be helpful to figure this out so I can change that option when needed. 

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Sanpanza,

          As some of the brushes does not have the option to change bristles direction.


          Could you please let us know have you download these brushes from somewhere or they default brushes inside Photoshop?


          Also, please let us know the exact version of Photoshop & the Operating system you're working on?



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            Sanpanza Level 1

            Hi Sahil.Chawla,


            Thank you for your reply. I have ONLY downloaded Kyle Webers brushes from the Adobe site. I am using the most recent version of Photoshop and my operating system is OS X 10.13.3


            What would the origin of the brush have to do with this anomaly?


            It might be that I do not yet understand the brush tools as I have only begun to delve into painting.


            That is why I asked the question. I profess ignorance.