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    No access to Repeater on click event

      I can't access the repeater on a click event.

      Here's the error I get:
      - In "Variables -> this.repEmail.dataProvider" : ArrayCollection with a@a.com and b@b.com (as it should be)
      - In "Variables -> this.repEmail.currentIndex" : <Exception thrown by getter> (what the?!)
      - In "Debug" : Main Thread (Suspended: Error: Repeater is not executing.)
      mx.core::Repeater/get currentIndex
      (again... what the?!)

      Here's my code...

      private var aEmails:Array = ["a@a.com", "b@b.com"];

      <mx:Repeater id="repEmail" dataProvider="{aEmails}">

      <mx:Text text="{repEmail.currentItem}"/>
      <mx:Button label="Remove" click="repEmail.removeChildAt(repEmail.currentIndex)"/>


      TIA !!!