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    Premiere Pro CC 2018 - crashes on startup

    Rossm001 Level 1



      I am running Windows 10 Pro, 8gb Ram, i5 2.40GHZ.


      All my Adobe Creative Cloud programs open fine apart from Prem Pro which will load then stop on the purple square. Task manager says it is not responding shorlty after I click to open it up.


      Any help would be great.




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          RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

          Please try opening the program while holding down ctrl/alt/shift through the startup process to re-set Preferences.

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            Rossm001 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Rob.


            I have just tried that. It brings up a system warning asking if I would like Prem Pro to make changes to my computer. I click yes. The window disappears. Prem Pro does not load up.



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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Be sure you're running Premiere Pro on an Admin account.

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                Rossm001 Level 1

                Thanks Jim.


                I believe I am running on an Admin account. All my other Creative Clouds programs work apart from Prem.


                I have uninstalled, reinstalled, Run as Admin and reset preferences. Non have worked. After my 3rd re-install, it opened however it crashed about 30 minutes later (Not responding according to Task Manager). Clicked on the Icon to reopen and the same problem came back, (not loading/Starting up).


                When I click on the Prem icon, it somestimes does the spinning loading thing but nothing loads, not even the purple startup screen. Or on other occasions, the purple startup screen comes on but shortly goes into (Not responding).




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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  That dialog asking you about changes makes me think you're not on an Admin account.

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                    Rossm001 Level 1

                    The dialog box isnt an admin login request. It is a notification asking if I would like to make changes.

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                      Jax24135 Level 3

                      Post a screenshot of where the splash screen freezes (without the Crash Report in the way).


                      Could be a corrupt file/bad plugin/ QT32server.exe-type error?

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        Yes, but it's not normal to get that when resetting prefs.  That's why I suspected you're not on an Admin account.

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                          Rossm001 Level 1

                          I have downgraded to 12.0 and to CC 2017 and the problem still occurs.


                          I have attached a screen shot of the splash screen.



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                            Rossm001 Level 1

                            Please see the photo I have uploaded above.

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                              Thorsteinn Sigur Level 1

                              I am having the same problem, Premiere Pro CC 2018

                              Running it on an admin account.

                              Windows 10

                              Plenty of RAM

                              Plenty of HD space


                              So far I have tried to:





                              Clear the "Media Cache Files"

                              Opening the program while holding down ctrl/alt/shift




                              All other Adobe CC programs run without a problem.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 9

                                What does Windows Event Viewer say about the crash?  Specifically the Faulting Module and Exception Code.



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                                  Thorsteinn Sigur Level 1

                                  I updated my graphic card driver and it seemed to make a difference, I get into Premiere but some files don't open and random crashes occur.


                                  But here is a log from the event viewer, didn't show any exception code through. 


                                  Fault bucket , type 0

                                  Event Name: AppHangB1

                                  Response: Not available

                                  Cab Id: 0



                                  Problem signature:

                                  P1: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe


                                  P3: 5acd4021

                                  P4: 2307

                                  P5: 134217728








                                  Attached files:







                                  These files may be available here:

                                  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\AppHang_Adobe Premiere P_3451aaff46d2ddbafeb8b63c2ab7df8011f0d8_3b0f1315_4101dc37



                                  Analysis symbol:

                                  Rechecking for solution: 0

                                  Report Id: c0305033-7880-4a97-ab84-2fe2fc8f70da

                                  Report Status: 97






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                                    nyiwa_k Level 1

                                    Copy the project file.

                                    Paste it in a folder you can access.

                                    Unplug the hard drive or usb containing the footage/files within the project. [alternatively, rename the folder holding the project]


                                    Then open the project file you saved in the folder.

                                    if you done the above moves correctly, it should open up and ask to re-link some media files.

                                    click 'offline all'


                                    try find the last move you made that made the project crash. Delete it/move it around.

                                    save your project file under another name.


                                    Rename the folders back to the original names/plug in your hardrives.


                                    open the newly saved project file and re-link the files.

                                    this is what i done to get mine to work and it worked fine.


                                    Hope this helps.

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                                      Shekhar_1 Level 1

                                      Hi all,

                                      I have same problem. I have Windows 10, 16 gb ram, 2 TB hd, NVidia DDR5 1030 2 gb graphics card. I have tried following SEVERAL TIMES OVER

                                      1     Uninstall and reinstall PP

                                      2     Run ADOBE Cleaner App

                                      Nothing worked.

                                      PP was working fine for few days. Then it stopped at startup.

                                      Here are my observations/suggestions/hunches - For Whatever it is Worth.

                                      1     I have read several replies and discussions on this forum on this specific topic over the past one year. The official word used is that 'PP CRASHES'. I feel the correct word is PP has HANGED up. There is a difference between the two.

                                      Hang up is WORSE than CRASH. When the App hangs, we have to frustatingly STARE at the splash screen not knowing what to do next for several minutes.

                                      2          There is a temptation to TERMINATE the programme thru Task Manager. My advice is DONOT. I have experienced in a very rare occasion, the programme starts functioning after several minutes. Do not lose this lottery by terminating the prog.

                                      3          There are two root causes to this problem

                                                  1          WINDOWS            2          ADOBE

                                      Sometimes I get the error message from Windows as

                                      “Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”


                                      This message is from Windows and NOT from ADOBE. It seems WINDOWS is taking the responsibility for this mishap.

                                      Sometimes we get the message from ADOBE saying that the programme has crashed and we should send the crash report.

                                      On several occasions though, we do not get any message. The screen just hangs. We have no alternative but to terminate the programme through task manager.

                                      4              Once the programme has hanged, I feel you are doomed. Your PC somehow gets cut out from having any hopes of revival. No amount of uninstall and reinstall and ADOBE Cleanup Utility will work.

                                      5              After uninstalling the PP, I have done windows explorer search for the word ‘Premiere Pro’. I was surprised to get at least a dozen instances of ‘Premiere Pro’ word still existing. It means that uninstalling the programme does NOT completely wipe out all instances of its occurance. Some traces still remain in Preferences, Common Files, Temp folder ++ etc. I suspect that the ghost of these very traces may be causing the next (re) installation to fail. I manually deleted all these traces. It did not help.

                                      I must say that ADOBE has done a really wonderful job in creating this application with maximum amount of exploitation of the technology advances and the power of latest hardware and software. If it works fine, then it is really a marvelous product. Hats off to the team. This is the reason, the decision to migrate to other editing softwares in utter frustration becomes hard.

                                      At the same time, this very process to make the application comprehensive and complete and user friendly and powerful, has made it complicated. The amount of complications is reaching to the level of being an ORGANIC entity. There seems to be hundreds of sub-programmes which are inter-connected.

                                      It seems to be that the ADOBE TEAM is being PUSHED to meet the deadlines and has not done the final task of checking for FAIL SAFE test. This is CRIMINAL negligence – considering the number of hours lost by thousands of the users in trying to get the solutions. I suspect that at least one out of three user has faced this issue of programme getting hanged. This is a huge number.

                                      I have an ‘Out of the Box’ solution. ADOBE should seriously consider having PP to start in SAFE Mode (just like the WINDOWS is having) in case of it being pushed to the danger zone of being hanged. It will be toned down version of the full programme. At any cost the programme should not hang. After having started in SAFE Mode, ADOBE should develop apps to diagnose and correct this problem. At present the user can not understand the log file created after the prog has hanged. ADOBE should make this log more user understandable by presenting it in a different form. It should also give the solutions for the problem and the ‘utilities’ which should be run to correct the problem. It is WRONG for ADOBE to expect their users to be skillful in SYSTEM LEVEL (Registry entry, library etc) correction.  Even after sending the crash report, ADOBE does not seem to be much of help to the users.

                                      My hunch is that all the ADOBE Products are INTERCONNECTED and the ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD acting as a CENTRAL HUB doing the job of traffic control and logistics management. Though the idea is good conceptually, it is the same thing which is causing the programme to hang. ADOBE should seriously consider doing away with this interconnected programme with central hub system. Each programme should stand on its own, INDEPENDENTLY – even if it means extra disk space. The interconnection with other programmes can be done on manual basis by the user as per his need of the project he is working on.  It should not be much of an issue if we lose this benefit of inter-connectedness and cenral hub facility for the sake of STURDINESS of the programme. I am absolutely sure that if each programme is made an ISLAND in itself, with no auto connection whatsoever with other ADOBE programmes, then this problem of getting hanged will be eliminated.

                                      My hunch is also that ADOBE very well are aware of the serious bugs in their programmes. But they must not find it prudent to hold the programme release for these bugs fixation.

                                      ADOBE PP, PS and also other apps are excellent products, but with bugs. Can you consider sending manned space mission with just 1% bugs issue????

                                      I was watching an online PP video tutorial and the presenter casually mentioned that keep saving your project on frequent intervals as PP is known to crash oftern.



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                                        juanmario Level 4


                                        It would be prudent to give precise data of the failure, comment on this thread, does it mean that your error contains the same information?

                                        If that were the case, the AppHangB1 is related to the Windows explorer, so each time that Premiere wants to access the event occurs.

                                        That may be because you do not have the administrator's ability, or right click on "Run as administrator".

                                        A Malaware, which would be good to scan with Malwarebyts.

                                        And ultimately, reinstall Windows and install the program as administrator.


                                        Otherwise, use Jim_Simon  advice on the event viewer and place the information here.

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                                          Shekhar_1 Level 1

                                          Thanks for the response.

                                          "That may be because you do not have the administrator's ability, or right click on "Run as administrator".

                                          I right clicked on pp to run it as Admn. A popup from windows asked my permission to 'allow the pp to make changes to my computer' I clicked yes. Then the pp splash screen with whirling small circle appeared. After about 100 secs that splash screen disappeared. Nothing further happened. No message from Windows or from Adobe. So instead of getting 'hanged' as in earlier scenarios, the screen just ;vanished'. No any error or alert message.

                                          I suspect the problem lies in some Windows functionality non-syncing with complex ADOBE set up.

                                          Of course reinstalling the Windows will solve this problem. I have done that before. The program then works fine for few days. Then suddenly it stops functioning.

                                          At the same time ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER also meets the same fate.

                                          "A Malaware, which would be good to scan with Malwarebyts."

                                          I am having Quickheal Total Security. Do not think there is any malaware.

                                          "And ultimately, reinstall Windows and install the program as administrator."

                                          Installing the programme as Admn - this idea never occured to me earlier. Will certainly do that and report.

                                          Thanks bro for the response.