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    folder look up and dynamic creation of scroller!!!

      Hi everyone,

      I am making an application "event showcase" which has a gallery of pictures and videos of events like birthdays and parties. What ideally the app should do is, a folder is on the http server which has some sub folders by the name of the events like "A's birthday", now every "event folder" will contain pics and videos, Now the app should get the file names of the pics and videos, load them into the thumbnails when a event is clicked from the listbox on the app. and right im bigtime stuck as im not getting any idea on 2 things -

      1) i want to know all the names of the files(images and videos) of the folder from where im loading my images and videos, so that i can use their names for completing the URLs, im doing this so that i dont have to give whole url name in the xml file for all the files, suppose 30 images...so i want a code that can do a look up in a folder( http://*******/events/*) and give me the names of all the files.and once i have the names, i'll append them in the url and wil load the files dynamically.

      2) I have a listbox, when an event(list item) is selected, i want all the pics and videos to get loaded dynamically in the scroller. and i want to play with the size of the image, so that i can reduce the size of an image programatically to make it a thumbnail and also set the size of the image to the size of the main imageloader.

      here's everything i did till now..