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    TransformArt Process Work Slow

    selvakkanit19061983 Level 1

      Hi Friends,


           I have migrated a Plugin from CS4 to CC2018.

           I have using TransformArt function for transform Group of arts from one Document into New Document.

           In CS4 it was work fast.

           But in CC2018 should have take more time to complete the transformation process.

           Transformation should be

           Sample code given in below.


        artCenter.h = center.h;         //artBounds.left + (artBounds.right-artBounds.left) / 2;

        artCenter.v = center.v;         //artBounds.bottom + (artBounds.top-artBounds.bottom) / 2;


        // Move object to center.

        sAIRealMath->AIRealMatrixSetTranslate(&artMatrix, -artCenter.h, -artCenter.v);

        // Translate object.

        sAIRealMath->AIRealMatrixConcatTranslate(&artMatrix, tx, ty);

        // Rotate object.

        sAIRealMath->AIRealMatrixConcatRotate(&artMatrix, theta);

        // Scale object.

        sAIRealMath->AIRealMatrixConcatScale(&artMatrix, sx, sy);

        // Move the object back to the center.

        sAIRealMath->AIRealMatrixConcatTranslate(&artMatrix, artCenter.h, artCenter.v);


        result = sAITransformArt->TransformArt(art, &artMatrix, lineScale, transformFlags| kTransformChildren);



           How can it be solved?

           I need to improve speed of transform art function process.

           Is there any difference in the TransformArt Function between CS4 and CC2018?


           If any Preference Setting values want to change in CC2018 to improve speed?



      With Regards,