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    DW8 PHP delete behavior

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      I'm used to using the DW8 ASP behaviors, and so when building similar in
      this PHP driven site, I'm hitting a behavioral snag and need some

      Normally in the ASP world, if I have a list of records, and want to build
      the tool so that if the user wants to delete a record, it has a link
      dynamically populated with the Go To Detail page behavior, so that it goes
      to a confirmation page that houses the actual Delete behavior. The user then
      clicks on the SUBMIT on the form of the delete page to complete the action.

      I tried to build similarly in the PHP world, but when viewing the list of
      records, I click the link to go to the detail Delete page, but I never go to
      the page... the record just deletes! Its as if the browser went to the
      delete page in the background, completed the Delete behavior, and returned
      back to the original records list in a nanosecond. Any thoughts on why this
      is happening in this way?