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    Premiere Pro video still freezing


      Hello people,


      I still have issues with Premiere Pro.


      When I scrub through video in the source monitor (happens in the timeline as well), the video sometimes freezes. The audio is still played back in the background and I am still able to save my project (thank god) before Premiere eventually freezes and can only be shut down through the Taskmanager. After restart of Premiere I can load my project and am able to continue work. This procedure is really annoying.


      Setup here:

      Windows 10, latest build

      Alienware Notebook with NVidia Geforce GTX950M


      What I have done so far:

      -Clear all media caches and the media cache database

      -Regarding to a thread here in the forum I installed latest CUDA driver from NVidia.

      -Started Premiere with ALT key pressed, reset my settings (?)

      -Switched from CUDA to "Software only" (and again cleared the cache)


      This happens to me on a fresh project as well as on old (imported) projects and even on projects that are fully transcoded (that was also worth a try)


      What else can I do now? I am spending a lot of time always restarting Premiere. Thats at least 10 times for a normal work day.


      Maybe I missed another thread here, but I gave my best to try every possible solution here on the forum.


      Help appreciated



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          exile1972 Level 3

          we need more of your specs info. How much RAM in your system? What type of media drives? What type of media are you working with?

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            andy_randy Level 1

            16GB DDR3 installed. Thats the laptops upper limit. But I usually don´t see Premiere go to that limit.


            The media type of this specific project is mostly H.264 MPEG4.

            Same things happens to me with i.e. 4k 'mov' from the Phantom 4


            Too bad I am not able to force the crash. After restart I can view and scrub clips that 'caused' the crash a few minutes ago

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              exile1972 Level 3

              H264 takes a lot pf CPU power. You said that you also experience problems if you transcode. So have you transcoded the Phantom 4 footage to pro-res of DNxHR? And if so, you still have issues? That would truly be odd since those two codecs are edit friendly codecs that should allow for smooth playback on virtually any system.


              Don't use H264 to edit with. Always transcode H264 to an edit friendly codec or you may end up spending a lot of time on these forums attempting to troubleshoot.

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                andy_randy Level 1



                I really doubt that I have a performance issue of any kind. The is CPU cores are usually below 20% with some spikes (except for transcoding or building the cache). I don´t experience high lagging during my edits. Things get a little slow on multiple layers with color grading though.


                Transcoding seems to be recommended here, so I will try that one more time and see how it goes. I think I will end up with a frozen Premiere like the last time. H264 isn't edit-friendly by design, thats for sure. But I remember times when I had no freezes on editing H264 native. That was on Adobe CS .. though.


                Thanks for your help so far. I will come back with the latest news