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    Exported h264 will not play correctly




      I have a new Dell XPS tower that I bought specifically for editing. I have a strange problem where exported files won't play properly on other computers.


      I export to h264/mp4 using vimeo recommendations. It is the same export profile that I have used successfully on a different computer for years.

      Though the file will play back without any issue on the same computer it was rendered on when copied to a different computer, parts of the video will play, and parts will not.

      What I mean by this is, it may play back fine for 30 seconds then the video freezes but the audio continues to play. After another 30 seconds the video catches up and plays fine again, after another minute this happens again. This pattern repeats itself throughout the entire video. Vimeo is also not able to process these videos, or sometimes it will process but playback on vimeo shows the same problem.


      This problem exists on about half of the files I export. The only way I can fix it is to repeat the render until the file is good. This may take 5 renders before I get a good file. AME shows no errors during or after rendering.


      It sounds like a codec issue to me but I do not know how to correct this as Premiere should have all the codecs it needs.

      I have installed K-lite and VLC, my previous system had that but it did not help the issue on this new computer.